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Animal Husbandry and Expansion Plans

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

For the last two weeks, Donna and I have been determining the needs for our hay for the remainder of the winter. We have evaluated the quality of our current hay. We decided that we are not pleased with it because it has too much roughage, weeds, thorns, and bristles. The yield per bale is less. This current hay is not giving the animals the desired nutrient level that we want them to have. Therefore, we went to Facebook Marketplace to look for square bales of hay near us. While searching, we found a supplier within a fifteen-mile distance. This is a blessing. We found 40 bales of hay for $240. The supplier offered to deliver it for an additional $20. That brings us to $6.50 per bale. This is premium hay mixed with brome, grasses, fescue, and timothy. We were also blessed with a bale of alfalfa mix which will be a special treat for the goats. We recruited the labor from our son, Jordan, to help with the 40 bales at 50 to 70 pounds per bale at 8:00 am which proved to be a good workout. We will be able to take those bales to one per week. This will make 40 weeks of hay supply. If we add additional animals, which we hope to do so, we will go through this supply quicker. We hope to add a small horse or donkey soon. But none the less, we will have at least 32 weeks and 8 months of hay in storage for now.

On with the additional planning and expansion, we have big plans for our near future. Donna and I want to get the corral built to include the petting zoo entrance for our visitors. We want to build our amphitheater and firepit that will provide for up to 50 visitors. Also, we are planning to build the shower house and bathroom facilities for those coming to enjoy the grounds and properties for day events, special events, and hiking trials. Along with the planning, we will be looking to hire an individual with a skid steer to make the trails and provide workspace for the fencing to surround the five-acre property. Onward and upward, here we go. Moving forward in 2022.

With all that said, we would like to invite you to visit us sometime so we can share and answer any questions or just visit with you and show you around. You can even stay at our guesthouse if you need a place to stay. Thanks for following us. God bless.

“When visiting RGM Farms, you are more than a visitor, you’re like family”.


Chuck and Donna Ray, RGM Farms, LLC


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