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Animal Maintenance Day

So out we go, 6.33AM. 37 degrees, not bad. Slight drizzle has freshened up the woods. It is a great morning to be in the Ozarks; #Bourbon MO!

Give the goats a cup and a half of alfalfa pellets after they each get a mini syringe of goat wormer, chalky substance into the side of their mouths.

Surprisingly Lilah was a little stand offish when I approached her with the bottle of ear wash in hand. My staff vet tech (daughter Kristen), has me using a nice convenient 4 ounce bottle. Hold her until both ears are given a liberal amount and worked around by hand from the outside, then off she goes! Shaking her head from side to side. I will look at her again tomorrow to see if additional attention is required.

Now to check the hay feeder. Just a slight bit left but will be busy tomorrow so I will fill today. Not that any of them will mind of course. Fresh greenish chewy satisfies. I will need to make sure I put goat hoof check and trim for Saturday. Anyone want to try a new experience?

Oh, let us not forget the kitties! The little guys are moving around much more now and are responsive to my calling since I have been handling them trying to make sure they are familiar with human touch and not some wild schizoid barn cats.

…….later in the day we have stopped by our local purveyor of feed and farm supplies, #Bourbon Roller Mill, Mr. Rusty Rapp. We highly recommend Rusty for his customer service / always willing to share his experience and knowledge of what others are doing in your situation. “I need a red bag of dog food and a white bag of goat feed”, is all I have to tell Rusty and he is on it! $35.49 check and off we go. Animals with full bellies and variety are happy farm animals!

One more item needs our attention, making the bed before the guest arrives tonight. We will also hit the COVID disinfecting one more time for added protection. Airbnb. We have two reservations for December so far. For Christmas we are treating our niece and her family to lodging so they do not have to rent a hotel. Fun Down In the Country (FDIC) for sure! Welcome to RGM Farms!


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