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Annual vet visit

Have you heard the phrase "herding cats"?

That is what I did the night before heading off for our annual vet visit. Stuffing three cats into their carrier does prove to be somewhat challenging.

Mama Kitten was not where to be found. Off we went, all 36 pounds of cat and a 100-pound Pyrenees wore me out! Dr. Bunton and the team at Cuba Veterinary Clinic do a great job and can really make the unseasoned farmer more at ease.

We did a new concept, three-year rabies vaccinations for all four of the children today along with flea and tick. We want to assure our guests of maximum safety when they interact with our animals here on the farm.

It was apparently hilarious looking at the way Lilah, our Great Pyr sat upright in the passenger seat of the farm's big van. So big and fluffy - she is such a lover girl.

I was the proud parent of how calm and relaxed they all behaved after more than an hour of running errands. The kitten cats did start to wear on the last fifteen-mile stretch of interstate towards home. I will have to make the trip solo with Mama Kitten in a couple of weeks. Sure hope she does not do the hide-and-seek on me when the time comes.

You have an open invitation to join us for animals hygiene and care day - contact us for the schedule - they would all love to meet you!


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