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Clean Barns, Happy Goats

This week we were finally able to attend to an overdue task. Cleaning out the goat barn. Well actually it is Lilah's barn also, as she sleeps with them and uses it to get out of the rain.

Yes, admittedly our farm critters do not like to stand out in the rain and the goat boys will only do so when their appetites get the best of them.

Sometimes those not familiar with the livestock environment will kind of look at you with a funny look when you mention needing to shovel out the barn. Let's talk a bit about the why.

Animal Health:

  • Parasite prevention: Manure can harbor parasites, such as roundworms and coccidia, which can be harmful or even fatal to goats. Regularly removing manure helps to reduce the risk of your goats becoming infected with these parasites.

  • Hoof health: Standing in wet manure can contribute to hoof rot, a painful and debilitating condition for goats. Keeping the barn clean and dry helps to prevent hoof rot.

  • Respiratory health: Ammonia fumes from decomposing manure can irritate the lungs and airways of goats, leading to respiratory problems. Keeping the barn clean helps to reduce the level of ammonia in the air.

Comfort and Well-being:

  • Clean bedding: Goats prefer to lie down on clean bedding. A clean barn provides a more comfortable and inviting environment for them.

  • Reduced stress: Living in a clean environment reduces stress for goats, which can improve their overall health and well-being.

Other benefits:

  • Reduced odor: A clean barn is less likely to have a strong odor.

  • Improved pest control: Flies and other pests are attracted to manure. Keeping the barn clean helps to reduce the number of pests in the barn.

  • Better manure management: Manure can be a valuable resource, such as compost or fertilizer. Keeping the barn clean makes it easier to collect and manage manure.

Here are some tips for keeping your goat barn clean:

  • Remove manure from the barn on a scheduled basis. We do monthly here at RGM Farms.

  • Use deep bedding, such as straw, to absorb moisture and ammonia.

  • Add fresh bedding as needed. We shovel and add fresh every month.

  • Clean and disinfect the barn regularly.

  • Compost or dispose of manure properly. It is great for fertilizer around flowers and shrubs. We do not use our manure for vegetables.

By keeping your goat barn clean, you can help to keep your goats healthy, happy, and productive.

As always, we invite our guests to join us in the chores here at RGM Farms. We let them out of the barn at 6.30 in the morning and close them up between 9 and 9.30.

and yes, we spoil them by feeding at the same time, all except Lilah who gets fed only at night.

See you soon!


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