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Farm Fun Day April 27th Basket Weaving and more!

Updated: Mar 24

We are so excited to get back to events here at RMG Farms Bourbon!

Months have already been taken as we plan for our April 27 event - and so cannot wait to gain feedback from those who join us on how we can improve and build a full calendar of fun and excitement.

The day will include three activities for families or individuals to engage in; a Woodworking session with our friend and master wood artisan - Steve Wetherbe, Basket Weaving with Raven, and your home-made from natural materials checkerboard set workshop.

Steve will be displaying and discussing his camping furniture (see our previous post on this from last year), his organic sound amplifiers (no electricity required!!!) for use with your mobile phone, and his wasps/insect traps which are going to be put into full use here at RGM Farms especially in the gazebo's. Steve will offer some of his craftsman secrets and offer these works of art for sale.

At noon six very fortunate individuals or teams will be following Raven's instructions on how to construct a basket from resouces material found right here in our locale. We hope she brings photos of a recent baby bassinet she wove from willow branches and gifted to a friend.

Raven is such a lover of sharing her talents that she is offering this instruction and materials on a donation-only basis because she does not want anyone to be left out!

Lastly, RGM Farms Bourbon will be offering sack lunches for pre-order and a checkers tournament played on check board sets that attendees will construct from feed sacks/bags and other items they scavenge right here on the farm property to make the one-0f-a-kind checkers set they can adore for years to come!

Preregistration with a small fee to cover insurance will be required and most of all you have to bring your expectation of a great day to be had by all! Thanks from all of us here; Donna, Chuck, Lilah, Mickey, Myles, Stripes, Graya, and MamaKitten!

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