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Flags, Iris's, and much more

What a wonderful time of the year - spring! We are trying different grow mediums again this year and invite you, friends, and guests to engage us with your feedback and input. We will continue to be 'students' in this gardening endeavor.

Upon arrival to the farm, you will first notice the daffodils, a.k.a. Easter lilies along the first one hundred feet or so of road frontage. Sadly, they have bloomed and rescinded but are still offering up their magnificent green foliage.

Further down along the road after the drive's island are the pots which we are attempting to also display the daffodils. Donna tells me that the winter freeze will get them in the pots but I wanted to space them evenly as Hunter, our farm hand, and I thinned out the main over flourishing original bed. We did plant a couple of tubular clumps in between trees near the end of our property. This is your invitation to join us next Easter to join us in our own private parade of lilies. Their broadcast is quite the display!

Right now the other iris, which we fondly know as 'flags' are all the picturesque display of violet purple. We have these not only in the island bed but also along the north property line behind the propane tank under the magnificent black oak.

In addition to these older flower beds, we have created a new section place, especially for the guest who head down the hiking trail towards the back of the property/creekbed. So Hunter and I placed some of the small saplings sections and made this bed's border. Hunter then started filling it with manure straw from his monthly goat barn duties. In this natural fertilizer, we place onions, lilies, herbs, and..., well you will have to visit to seek out the other varieties of flowers, herbs, and flowers. In this same new bed, we will let it slip that there are wild black raspberries. Come get your berries before the local bird population finds them!

If you have read previous blog entries you will also remember that Hunter and I planted peach seeds down in the creek bed with hopes for some luscious cling and freestone peach varieties. We do realize that however that when guests find those peaches the fruit will not make it out of our woods. Enjoy!

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you on flower bed ideas and gardening in general.


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