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I Fall to Pieces

Friday the 27th, day after Thanksgiving…

Farm life. Love it. This time of year starts one thinking about the probability of snow. And unfortunately ice. A few weeks ago we started to survey the tree limbs that were in close proximity to roofs.

Soooo, we pulled together all the options, started making some phone calls.

With the reference from a family member who was unable to help us, we went with AAA Tree Service located / operating out of Owensville MO. Ken Gronewald. Small world, Kenny also grew up in St. James, MO. He is doing work from St. Louis to Rolla and beyond.

So down they came. One double rotten entity right off the edge of the patio which had actually dropped a limb a few years ago that hit the gutter and scared brother John a bit as he sat sunning. Then also at the northwest side of the main house two others that in a strong wind might have endangered the roof. Then we moved out to the ‘guesthouse’ where we had a long spindly fellow way out over the roof. That one we only had ‘topped’. Jordan, our son, described it as looking like a trimmed head of broccoli. Broccoli, that’s a story for another time. Darn bugs.

As you can see, one might want to give attention to planning. For example what will you do after the tree expert leaves and he has done exactly what you requested. “Leave the wood laying”. Now we have to further cut down to size and stack into a yet constructed Wood Shed.

I have suggested a primitive climbing scenario a.k.a playground equipment. Not sure that I actually received a response, but I did hear the chuckles.

Sure hope we can get it moved into location with some type of equipment and not my aching back….. farm life. The responsibilities keep one nimble, both mentally and physically.

PS. Patsy Cline kick recently, I Fall to Pieces. Look for it on YouTube.


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