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Interns, Christmas Gardening, and Kitties

The mornings here have been great. Ranging from 21- 32 degrees and one late afternoon we had a snow dusting! It looked really pretty in the night light.

We are now feeding the goats an evening ration of 2/3 livestock grain mix with 1/3 alfalfa pellets. The corn will help warm them up a bit from the inside. And it appears that Lilah’s appetite has also increased with the cooler weather. Our hay supply is down to eight bales and the hay supplier has not returned my call.

And for the little kitties, yet unnamed, one must watch every step when in the kennel with them as they are bouncing about – oh how exciting to watch the little balls of fur bounce about. Momma, Madame Kit-ten, is really drinking down much more water these days. She is of course nursing them as they are now right at five weeks old.

One of our handymen has confirmed that he will come take the downed trees for firewood at an even exchange. And our other handyman has said that he agreed that with his tractor he could better clean up the 33 year old partially still covered trash burying spots, quantity two. I will stay off my soap box concerning those who would bury trash thinking it was adequately disposed of by doing such a thing.

We have hired an intern this week to help with strategic planning for the continued build out of RGM Farms. After we complete the initial document then we will start with some activities regarding operations in the areas for guest use. We will be including the raised bed gardens in this section also. See the photos below.

Yes, we do exchange lodging for work! We have great expectation for 2021! To reinforce the excitement and the interns help with the strategic planning our discussion with the CPA’s office today provided additional optimism. Plan, plan, and then rework the plans. Measure twice, cut once.

Don’t forget to send us your names for the kittens. They are scheduled to be spayed / neutered February 22. Madame’s appointment is January 25. Btw, we highly recommend Protect Every Pet Clinic in Bland, MO>

MERRY CHRISTMAS from our farm to yours!


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