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Remodel and upgrades to our guesthouse

Good morning. Welcome to RGM Farms. Back in May of this year, we did a little remodeling on our guesthouse to make it a more pleasant stay for our guest on our five-acre farm in Bourbon, Missouri. We contracted out the remodel after searching for several months for a handy man. We were excited to get the updates and upgrades completed for our guests. We completely resurfaced the top of the wood countertop in the kitchen. We had to pull out the stove to get behind it and remove some trim. We sanded down the wood surface top and reapplied some stain and multiple layers of clear coat to make the counter fresh, new, and sealed around the kitchen sink. We are excited to have this in top condition for our guests. Next, over in the doorways there is a little step up into the bathroom because the guesthouse is originally on a concrete floor when we added the bathroom. The floor had to be raised up to add the plumping for the shower, sink and toilet. We had a doorway for privacy from the bedroom that needed to be heightened to a full standard door height. It required some trim and new door jams.

We are including some pictures here for you to see our work in progress. This remodel and maintenance were needed from all the wear and tear from our previous 6 years of renting out the guesthouse on our vacation rental platform. After all the repairs are were completed, we had to do a lot of in-depth cleanup as you might expect. There was an extreme amount of dust from the sanding down of the counter tops. We had covered everything in plastic before we started and removed the furniture to help protect it all. We had to put everything back in place because guests were coming the following week. We were excited for guests to experience our remodel of our guesthouse. We invite you to keep following us. We have a lot more coming your way about what is going on at RGM Farms. Thank you and hope to see you soon.

“When visiting RGM Farms, you are more than a visitor, you’re like family”.


Chuck and Donna Ray, RGM Farms, LLC


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