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Spring Has Sprung!

We need your photos!

Recent guests have been enjoying the neighborhood and the property. And of course enjoying the animal family members as well. The goat boys, Myles and Mickey have found their new job positions here at RGM Farms; jump over the fence and join the guest in their nature walks down through the woods.

Kittens and Momma Madame Kit-ten do their part in welcoming guests as well. They will be right there in the entrance drive to greet you. And yes, they have finally been named; Fuzzball (a spittin’ image of her mother), and the boys; Stripes / Stripers and Greya. These little boys are lovers indeed. Greya is by far the most outgoing and seeker of your attention.

If it’s the goats that get your attention, Beverly our matriarch will certainly oblige your desire to feed her fresh garden greens such as broccoli and romaine lettuce. She thinks they are both candy.

And then there is Delilah, nicknamed Lilah. She is now three years old and matured beyond her ‘Attention Hog’ phase and more tolerable of others in the barn yard getting some attention from guest as well.

Are you ready for some major changes here at the farm? We are ready to re-engage our build out. Barn / Petting Zoo corral, toilets / shower-house, stage and fire pit area to accommodate up to fifty persons with bleacher type seating.

Our friends Ethan and Dan are working at clearing and cleaning out the brush and building the pile for our next bonfire… more to follow with pictures.

And yes, there is much garden work that is soon to be tackled. Let us know if you want in on some of that action!


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