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Spring Planting on the Farm: Part 1

Hello. Welcome to RGM Farms. It’s a beautiful Spring, Saturday morning and we are getting some of the summer temperatures today. We took advantage of the weather to get out and do some planting. We set our sights on the beautification of the farm so our guest can enjoy our pleasant surroundings. First thing, we visited the local high school FFA (Future Farmers of American) event today. They had their annual plant sale, and I purchased some flowers and plants. Take note: We are strict minded for our vegetables that we grow to be only organic. So, I wanted to talk to you today about what we put in the ground. We put some Coleus, of which I understand to grow to be about 2 feet tall, in the island out by Keysinger Road, where our visitors park. In addition to Coleus, we added Lilies, purple Coneflowers, and Hostas plants. Everything is coming to life and looking beautiful. I have high expectations for our flowers beds this year.

Also, in front of our property, we have 18” to 20” diameter pots that I had to do some reconstruction on and punch holes in the bottom for drainage. We obtained them from the neighbor who wanted to see us put them to good use. I put in some Snap Dragons and more Coleus. And down the road a little bit, we have the same type pots full of the same flowers. We are hoping for some beautiful foliage this year.

Stay tuned for part two in this planting endeavor. RGM Farms is doing so much this Spring that we want our viewers to know all about including a remodel to our guest house. Until next time, have a great Spring and we wish you luck on your planting projects.

Chuck Ray

RGM Farms, LLC


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