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Tomatoes and strawberries

Sunday afternoon, 2.30 PM. Bright, sunny 69 degrees.

A couple of days ago I brought home several containers of organic grape tomatoes from our store ( that was pulled from the shelf not meeting the eye-appealing standard. All with the thought of "how could I maximize these with a harvest that our guests could also enjoy"?

Our son Jordan has been working to prep the raised beds so I will stay away from them and let him select his own varieties. Sneak preview; he is looking at some Brandywine varieties.

So here are the locations (plural) that we have chosen around the property. Guests are invited to hunt them out - warning, you may not make it back to your lodging before enjoying their lusciousness.

- Trailhead larger pot

- Trailhead boundary wild black raspberry patch

- Propane tank Day Lilly bed - mixed the tomatoes in with the strawberries

- Tractor tire tomato cage

- Two compost beds next to the raised beds

Bon Appetite! As you meander the property.


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