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dealing with Frigid Temperatures on the farm

Updated: Jan 15

you are welcome - come join us in bourbon mo!

For those of you who follow us regularly, you probably know how much we enjoy the farm life. Goats, puppy dog, and our kitties. Yesterday and today we are preparing for the sub-zero temperatures that the ol' weatherman is predicting for our slice of heaven here in Crawford County, Bourbon MO.

Let's walk through the checklist to ensure we have everything covered. Feed, bedding, water, vehicle fluid levels, and warm clothing!

Feed like hay for the boy goats and doubles as bedding for them and Lilah.

If you have visited you may or may not have taken notice that the hay feeder is on the northern side of the goat barn (which doubles as night quarters for them and Lilah). The point being is that means they are subject to the north winds and not very desirable for man or beast. So what is an alternative, leave a baale of hay inside their barn which will also allow for the lost dropped portion to also act as bedding reinforcement.

I am double-checking and measuring the amount of grain left and it looks like we will be able to go more than just the next week of low nasty temperatures. Same for Lilah and the kitties.

I have already rearranged the water delivery system and have already once had to carry a five-gallon bucket of water down to their water tub. Additionally, I have pulled out the floating water heater to eliminate having to do that early 6.30 AM chopping of ice.


Kubota side by side (mini truck with cab and dump bed).... have started asking if any of my regular vehicle mechanics are familiar with and want to help with the maintenance of this diesel engine unit with extra hydraulics.

Our fifteen-passenger van needs to be fueled so as not to gather moisture in the fuel tank.

now to address your clothing for your farm chores.

And how you thought that you would not look good in insulated coveralls, muck boots, gloves, and a stocking cap. Trust me, this setup allows you to be as fully functional as the job demands in 3 below zero.

PS. We have ridden down a good bit of trails with the fence installer's skid steer and our Kubota. They are just waiting for you to come explore!

Okay, now you are prepared to join us for a great farm life experience. All you have to do is go one Airbnb or VRBO and look for RGM Farms Bourbon and set your appointment for some great life experiences!


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