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21 and Holding….

Burrrrr….. say the little kitties this morning.

It has been a while since we posted but busy as beavers here at RGM Farms for sure!

Updates on the animals..

The little kitties, yet named – waiting for our readers to respond, will soon be twelve weeks old! I think they are still nursing even though Mom, Madame Kit-ten, was spayed Monday of this week. And we must say what a trouper she has been!

Brought her home and nervous Nellie parents we were. She insisted on coming out of her pet carrier, droopy eyed and stumbling as she was, to wander around the house. Periodically just sitting entertaining the pain meds swirling around in her head. The next morning she was back out in her kennel pen to make sure those little kitties were not in any trouble. Her incision is hardly noticeable – a big shout to located in Bland, MO. Donna and the vet clinic team sure take great care of their client patients.

The little guys are on adult raw egg softened food embellished with ground beef. I think that Donna even chose the really good grass fed organic beef from our store This morning Madame and the one FuzzBall dove right in and put some of the dish away in a bit of a hurry.

Goats boys; Mickey and Myles are doing great, along with Beverly and Lilah. Lilah has started to show her willingness to share this week. Last night when I went to lock them up and feed at 9.30 there sat FuzzBall inside the barnyard and obviously driven by hunger, came trotting right beside Lilah to get through the fence to the feed bowl. As FuzzBall came around behind Lilah, Lilah turned only to find FuzzBall go into ‘hiss mode’ – Lilah seemed undaunted and frankly not all that interested in him / her (sex of the kittens has yet to be determined either).

Lilah has returned to eating, having took a break and would only eat half of her bowl of juiced up dog chow. If you are not familiar with the LGD such as our Great Pyrenes, their metabolism is very slow and can go for extended periods of not or barely eating. She is such a lovey dovey ball of fluff who insists on being hugged and loved on before you shut them up for the night. She will be three years old in March.

We were blessed in abundance this month with a much needed truck in the form of a van. 2012 E350 Ford Passenger Van with 80,000 miles for an extremely good price. We did learn that it will get stuck in the mud if not positioned in the down hill direction for take off. We will be getting it outfitted with new decals or wrap.. more to follow with pics. With this vehicle we have already been able to do some much needed clean up from the remodel construction and other work projects around the property.

The guesthouse has been full with the last guest in for 14 days while working at a nearby Wal-Mart remodeling. Also seeing a few travelers – we are only 1.3 miles off the Interstate 44 and we also are getting visiting healthcare workers for the two hospitals in close proximity. We are geniuinely excited to be able to host guest…check us out if you have not already done so..

Actually felt good this morning even though the ice and snow from yesterdays weather left us with a calm 21 degrees. But we are still holding, blessings from out on Kaysinger Road.


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