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21 and holding…

January 28 ‘2021

Burrrr……. say the kitties this January morning.

Yesterday’s snow turned into ice as the sun set yesterday and has us doing the extra chores for vehicles and animals alike. It has been a while since we posted but everyone has been busy as beavers around the farm.

Monday we took Momma, Madame Kit-ten, to get spayed which created some nervous nellies out of her parents. We returned home from the vet clinic around 4 and soon thereafter Madame was relentless in her getting out around the house. Every few minutes she would stop and stare into pain meds oblivion but soon off again. Even in her stupor the Mom instinct would kick in and she would go over and sit in front of the door to outside. So finally I gave in and took her outside where soon took off for the kennel cat house to catch up with the kittens. We would like to give our local spay clinic a big shout out of appreciation and would certainly recommend them

BTW, the kittens are still unnamed and sex not yet identified either, suggestions from you our visitors are welcomed. She did well during the night while in the house, concerned of her little family as we were I am sure. The next morning we left here outside as she was out and on her feet as if no surgery had even occurred.

Fast forward to Wednesday night’s 9.30 feeding for the animals. Warmed cat chow moistened with raw egg and a heavy portion of grass feed ground beef. FuzzBall and Momma were certainly chowing down. The other two were, well, not as interested and soon returned out to play in the snow. (We were treated to 3-4 inches). The special ground beef comes from our health food store located here in ‘downtown’ Bourbon.

But I want to take a moment and brag on our Lilah puppy. Puppy who will be three YO in March. When I went out to feed I found Momma quietly resting in the kennel and two kittens had come running when they heard me come out the door headed their way. I could not quickly located the FuzzBall at first but soon noticed him / her (sex not yet determined) sitting out besides the goat shed behind the crew of dog and goats who were waiting for me at the gate which was between me and the kittie. Fuzz came trotting along behind Lilah, who when she heard him, turned to only get a dose of “hissing”. Lilah was not deterred and turned her head back to me while FuzzBall came on by to get to his supper. Lilah has again impressed me with here demeanor of staying attentive and accepting her additional LGD responsibilities that now also include the kittens.

Mickey, Myles, and Beverly are doing fine and really enjoy the additional morning serving of grain mix equaled with alfalfa pellets.

Another new happening we would like to share. We have been blessed with 2012 Ford E350 passenger van that we have already starting using for ‘truck’ duty. Always work to do hauling away scraps while remodeling. We did learn that it will get stuck in the mud if not park in the correct direction in the drive. (Pics to follow when we get the van decals and / or wrapped).

Guesthouse reservations have been full. Right now we have workers who are doing construction at a nearby Wal-Mart. Others have been health care workers for the two hospitals that are in close proximity. We are genuinely excited to be able to provide lodging for long term and just overnight guest traveling on their journeys through Bourbon.

Thursday morning has us a bit frozen in with ice and snow remnants…21 degrees and holding here at RGM Farms..


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