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Chemical-Free for Over 30 Years: A Commitment to Sustainability

Here at RGM Farms, we've been committed to using no harmful pesticides or herbicides for over 30 years. This aligns perfectly with our philosophy of creating a natural environment for both our plants and animals. 

By avoiding harsh chemicals, we:

  • Protect the Health of Our Ecosystem:  Chemical runoff can harm beneficial insects, pollute waterways, and disrupt the delicate balance of nature.

  • Promote a Healthy Environment for Our Visitors: You can breathe easy and enjoy the fresh air knowing we're not using harmful chemicals on the farm.

  • Ensure the Well-being of Our Animals: Our commitment to a chemical-free environment extends to our goats and all the wildlife that calls RGM Farms home.

More Than Just a Walk in the Park: A Learning Experience

We believe in educating our visitors about the importance of sustainable practices and the beauty of native ecosystems.  In future blog posts, we'll delve deeper into the specific native plants we're relocating and explore the fascinating world of pollinators.

Come explore RGM Farms and witness the magic of nature firsthand!

Walk our trails, guided or without. #joinus


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