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Green, Green, and yes, more green…

It has been a while, since…

Sounds like a song from the radio. Songs from the squirrels and birds are much more calming. Cardinals and blue birds are back with us again in the front yard. Sitting on the patio is a sure delight.

Ethan, our farm hand, has been whittling down the brush feat and the woods look SOOO much better. I have been speaking with a local service provider for clearing the trails. $120-$150 per hour seems to be the ‘going’ rate. I know that I have commented before on how we need to purchase some equipment and you have caught me, procrastination.

Here is the good news; our guest have told us they enjoy walks down through our five acres. This encourages us to get moving on the trails. Ethan and I have been pulling out the yard furniture (pics attached here). I have selected a Hunter Green paint color, oil based. Donna has voiced her uncertainty of the bright shade / color. I have advised that it will not be so ‘outspoken’ when the trees and foliage get into full bloom.

Make sure you follow us on FaceBook to keep up with our progress and projects and events. We had to postpone our Art Fun Day here at the farm due to the cold rainy weather.

We welcome your comments. BTW, the animals are all doing quite well also. Electric fence has been a blessing in regards to keeping the goat boys inside the pen. Kitties are getting so big! (pics to follow). Lilah remains to be her same lovely dovely selves.


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