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It's "Visit the Veterinarian Day" here on the farm!

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

So here we are. It’s Friday March 10th at RGM Farms. We just returned from a visit from the veterinarian. It’s that time of the year again for the animals to get their rabies vaccinations and checkups. It was a little bit of a challenge today because we only had one carrier for 4 cats to transport them to the vet. Surprisingly, the momma cat gave her babies the what for because she didn’t care for them in such close proximity. While at the vets, we learned a lot about what is going on with the other animals in the neighborhood which has caused us some concerns. We will definitely be taking that under further consideration to protect them and to give them the adequate healthcare they deserve. We want our animals to be in the best shape for when our visitors come here to the farm so they can enjoy the animals as part of their experience. This week is Delilah’s, our Great Pyrenees, birthday. On March 7th, she turned four years old. The vet informed us that she is overweight partly in fact because she has been spayed and because I am giving her too many treats. The vet strongly suggested that I cut back on the extra rice and ground beef that I add to her kibble. He said she really doesn’t need it. The vet thinks the kibble by itself would be best. She weighed in at 117 pounds this morning and a little over a year ago, she weighed in at 90 pounds. Do the math. Yes, I am spoiling her. This morning the ride over was a little bit chilly. Unusually, we have 30 degrees this morning with some light snow dusting overnight. It looks beautiful in the woods. We hope that you will be able to come and enjoy us at anytime of the year even with the light snow on the ground while you are walking the trails around our 5 acres. The goats may even accompany you on your track around our trails. You can also visit us when it is lush and green. There is plenty to do on the property. Hope to see you soon and all the animals want to tell you hello as well.

“When visiting RGM Farms, you are more than a visitor, you’re like family”.


Chuck Ray

RGM Farms, LLC.

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Terri Pretty
Terri Pretty
Mar 27, 2022

Beautiful cat. Thank for sharing.

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