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Winter Weather Preparations on the Farm

Good morning from Chuck and Donna Ray at RGM Farms. Happy Friday to you. We are here this morning at RGM Farms. We are preparing for the big snow coming in. The weatherman has put the scare into everyone here in our area. We began preparing this morning in the barn for the goats. We added extra goat minerals because it is very important for them to get their minerals. In addition, the hay needs to be filled in the feeder. We will have to plug our water heaters back in. We are reaching the 40’s and 50’s temperatures during the day but we are expecting some 12 degrees temperatures this weekend. We must make sure the animals have fresh, clean water. In the freezing temperatures, we have to carry four gallons at 8.3 pounds per gallon of water. We must carry it a couple hundred feet down to the pen to ensure they have fresh, clean water. Next on the list, are the four cats. We had one cat to get injured this week. I had to give it special attention. The Silver gel we use is a natural product we use from our health food store. It is extra good for them all around. We put extra feed in the trough for all the animals and lots of extra goodies. We strung our new bale of straws this week to ensure they all have fresh, clean warm places to get into out of the winter weather. We hope you can use this bit of information. Come by and see them. The animals are waiting to visit with you. Follow us here for more exciting RGM Farms updates.

“When visiting RGM Farms, you are more than a visitor, you’re like family”.


Chuck and Donna Ray, RGM Farms, LLC


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