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Journal of our journey…

Friday October 23rd of 2020.

So today we are moving forward with website. A place to virtually share our duties and work progress along with photos with the rest of the world.

To bring you up to speed we are operating the guesthouse (since 2018), have three goats and our Pyrenes Lilah. Almost forgot that our little Kit-ten came to join us about three months ago. The garden lies dormant but we give at least weekly conversation regarding how to modify and move part of it (raised beds). Brush is piling up from the smaller trees we cut down as a dual purpose work; feed the goats and clear the area for firepit, horseshoe pits, and playground.

We have requested bids for building the barn but because of the craziness of COVID, business has not been as usual. Fencing for the corral petting zone is still under design as our original price of $2000 went to $8000. Custom fence to keep the boys from jumping out and / or climbing turns out to be more expensive than we thought. Research and thought to future additional animals must also be considered. Someone just offered us a Nigerian Dwarf doe (female goat).


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