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Lots of hay!

We are on the lookout. Lookout for "hay" that is.

Hunter, our farm hand, and I were doing our bi-weekly chores last weekend which includes animal feed inventory.

It is time to start asking around for who has hay for sale; specifically square bales.

One, two, three, four, five bales left. One bale per week is what we are rationing to the boys. They really do enjoy scrounging for the roughage along with their hay. How do we know this? Come join us on one of our upcoming work Saturdays and we will let you monitor the goat boys as they meander around the yard and woods edge nibbling away at every little green morsel and new tender vine shoots that they can find.

We would love for your children to come to experience 'herding the goats." Mickey and Myles will gladly follow your lead as you explore the property. Also, consider since we have warmer weather adding a weenie roast or picnic down in the back lower creek. A primitive style experience for now until we complete some of our next phases of the master plan.

We look forward to seeing you soon. BTW, send any 'hay' our way!


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