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Master the Art of Compost: Grow Abundance in Your Raised Beds!

Join RGM Farms, Naturally Meramec Consortium, and Missouri University Extension Service for a hands-on workshop on creating nutrient-rich compost for your raised bed gardens!

Learn the secrets of:

  • Building two effective compost systems: Discover the power of both livestock-based composting and composting with fruit and vegetable scraps.

  • Creating a balanced mix: Learn the science behind the "browns" and "greens" needed for optimal decomposition.

  • Turning waste into gold: Witness the transformation of everyday materials into nutrient-rich compost for your soil.

  • Boosting your harvest: Understand how healthy compost increases plant growth, improves soil health, and reduces reliance on chemical fertilizers.

This workshop is perfect for:

  • Home gardeners: Learn valuable skills to create sustainable, homemade compost for your raised beds.

  • Beginner composters: Get started on the right foot with expert guidance and hands-on practice.

  • Seasoned gardeners: Enhance your composting techniques and discover new methods.

Why choose this workshop?

  • Expert instruction: Learn from the combined knowledge of RGM Farms, Naturally Meramec Consortium, and Missouri University Extension Service.

  • Interactive format: Get your hands dirty and participate in building your own compost piles.

  • Sustainable focus: Discover how composting can reduce waste and benefit the environment.

  • Local focus: Learn techniques and materials specific to our Missouri climate and resources.

Stay tuned for more details on the exciting event coming summer of this year!

These beds will be the target of our new approach to composting.


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