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Refresh and rewind

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Last week Donna and I were able to sneak away for a week of long overdue fun and games with our oldest Joshua and his wife Brandy out in the Rockies.

We landed in Denver after lunch last Friday and then scurried off to Estes Park for two nights. We pushed the gear shift down into second gear and thoroughly enjoyed our time away visiting with the fam.

We were blessed to stay with Terry and Carolyn at the River Rock Cottages, bunking in their Golden Leaf cabin. Kudos to these guys and thanks for passing along some great host ideas for us to implement here at RGM Farms. After settling into our cabin we drove down the road to Hunter's Chophouse. And WOW, no, double WOW. These guys know how to put together a fabulous evening of culinary delight from their local farms and ranches while presenting super service and a great atmosphere. While at our table we would have never known that the dining room was packed and filled with both larger and smaller groups engulfed in an evening of sheer delight.

After our crew rustled up grub for breakfast Saturday morning we ventured out for site sighting over to the Stanley Estate. Our children had been here before obviously and knew that the backdrop of the Rockies would set the pace we had all talked about. While we sat on the porch of one of the Stanley Estate buildings our minds were definitely getting realigned in the right direction.

Now as our day drifted by via the mountain air, we prepared to head up to Rollinsville to enjoy Brandywine and the Might Fines perform at the Howlin' Wind Brewery. Zack and Melissa were quite the host to us and the many neighbors who have seemed to become expectant of the weekly shows this very comfortable establishment offers. We always enjoy meeting up with Josh and Brandy's friends and are made to feel part of the family.

Getting back down the mountain close to midnight and the lure of those winding mountain highways allowed for a very rested night of sleep. Sunday morning in the Rockies did not disappoint either. Hot tea while doing my journaling at the kitchen table and with a couple of treks out into that glorious Colorado sun can sure put a jump start into anyone's day. Now I can relate to the comments we hear from urban dwellers visiting RGM Farms. Please Lord let me not take the blessing of living in the Ozarks for granted.

After enjoying a lunch at the Notchtop Bakery and Cafe of BLT's, chicken sandwiches, smoked salmon, and beverages we meandered over to Peak Hallmark shop. There we enjoyed an hour of browsing aisles of some great gifts items that held an air of the mountain variety for almost every member of our family. (Gifts forthcoming for birthdays and Christmas alike).

Then to finish off our weekend, my son and I totally went over the top with some guided Thompson River fly fishing. Our guide, the last day of the season, took very good care of us two novice fisherman and sure enough, set us up to catch fish, and hook some we did! Little brown trout unlike the rainbow variety you will find in the RGM Farms neighborhood in the Blue Springs creek tributary into the mighty Meramec River. But now I am hopelessly hooked into this fly fishing. I hope that you can join me for some incredible afternoons (and chilly mornings) in Bourbon MO.

Goats, dogs, kitties, and fishing. What more could you ask for?!?! Schedule your visit to RGM Farms soon and let us know if you desire any assistance in fishing while staying with us.


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