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Tractors and such...

Yesterday we took a leap of faith.

We bought a side-by-side All Terrain Vehicle.

We have somewhat been staying in touch with our friends at Cowtown USA watching for a preowned unit below $10,000. Yes, it takes equipment and money to complete this build-out of RGM Farms.

This was a decision made with much thought. A tractor with a bucket could be of great use, saving lifting heavy objects, But the need to get materials and people into the woods, back down in the creek, and up the other side took precedence. The very driving of the RTV will also create and maintain good trail paths for our guests and friends.

Kubota RTV900, 2010 model, 2982 hours, complete with windshield and cab cover with zipper doors. The dump bed is going to come in very useful for gravel work around the drive and parking areas also.

Camping/glamping decks and back fence construction are first on the list of projects. Composite decking on treated lumber substructures at 12-foot wide x 14/16 foot deep to house a 10x10 military-grade tent. On the porch, we will use Adirondack chairs with small tables.

For the fence, we have been researching pipe for the corner assemblies and also placing them intermittently in line with the T-posts. What we call woven pig wire at 5 feet high.

Fencing - gives guests clear property boundaries enabling them to use every square foot of the farm's five acres. This will also help Myles and Mickey, our goat boys, to stay on the property.

Cannot wait for you to see the progress - feel free to join us on a work Saturday. You may contact us for the schedule.

A garden with a stream to slake the thirst of others. RGM Farms.


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