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Walking Sticks Seeking Sunsets: Part 2 - The Friendly Symphony

The crunching gravel beneath our boots creates a steady rhythm as we ascend our little road. Sunlight dapples through the leaves overhead, casting a mosaic of light and shadow on the path. The air hums with the afternoon symphony – the snorts and whinnies of our neighbor's horses grazing in the pasture, punctuated by the occasional booming bark of the ever-vigilant Great Pyrenees.

These familiar sounds are the soundtrack to our weekend ritual – a time when worries melt away and the rhythm of our steps becomes almost meditative. Today, the golden light bathes the landscape in a warm glow, painting the horses a burnished copper and turning the bark of the distant trees into embers.

We pause for a moment, exchanging a silent greeting with our equine neighbors. Their presence adds a touch of serenity to our walk, a reminder of the simple beauty that surrounds us.

As we continue our climb, the barking intensifies. We trod steadily down the road and see the Great Pyrenees, a giant ball of white fur, standing guard near the property line. His booming barks are all bluster, though, for as soon as he sees us, his tail starts wagging, a sure sgn this big fellow a friendly chap. We offer him a smile and a wave, and he returns the gesture with a contented sigh before resuming his watchful post.

These encounters with our furry (and not-so-furry) neighbors are a cherished part of our walks. They add a touch of personality and charm to our journey, reminding us that even in the quiet solitude of the countryside, there's a sense of community and connection.

And finally, we reach the peak of the road. Below us, the valley stretches out, bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun. The sky is ablaze with color – fiery oranges, blushing pinks, and deep violets bleeding into the inky blue of dusk. It's a breathtaking sight, a reward for our daily pilgrimage.

We stand there for a moment, lost in the beauty of the scene. This is the true purpose of our walks – not just the exercise, but the chance to witness these fleeting moments of magic, to connect with nature's symphony, and to find peace in the simplest of things.

We cannot wait for you to also enjoy this serene little part of the Ozarks. Arrange your stay with us here at RGM Farms.

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