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Exploring the Benefits of a Morning Walk

The idea of a morning walk can be more appealing to some people than the thought of going to the gym for a workout. There are plenty of benefits and most people can do it. Some of the benefits include:

1. Boosts mental health. There have been several studies that show regular walks can improve your overall moods. The studies also revealed that walking can help decrease mild to moderate symptoms of depression.

2. Reduce risk of Alzheimer’s. A study of men raging from the age of 7 to 93 found that walking at least a quarter of a mile or more a day helped lower the cases of Alzheimer’s and Dementia disease. Consistent brief walks can have great effects on the human body and mind.

3. Boosts immune function. Studies have revealed that walking at least twenty minutes a day and five days a week will help people have fewer sick days. And if people do get sick, they are likely to have milder symptoms.

4. Strengthens muscles. If you want to tone your leg and abdominal muscles, going on a morning walk can help. By building stronger muscles, you can improve your overall health and strength and it can give you a wider range of motion. With stronger muscles, the impact on your joints are lessened and pressure shifts to your muscles.

5. Clears your mind. People who walk regularly report that they have better brain functionality. Because walking can increase your cognitive abilities, many people choose to take walks when making decisions or they just want to think things through.

6. Better circulation. When people walk, the heart rate will increase and their blood pressure will be lowered. Walking improves your overall heart health and circulation. When people walk two miles a day, it can reduce their risk of stroke. Walking improves people’s heart health over time and helps your overall circulation.

7. Joint support. Walking helps your joints work and feel better. Compression and movement open your joints to get joint fluid which allows more nutrients and oxygen to get to your joints.

In conclusion, walking can greatly benefit your overall health in several ways. RGM Farms can be a great place to go for a walk in the country and away from heavy traffic. Our guests can walk around our five acres while enjoying our gardens and farm animals or guests can take a stroll down a country gravel road listening to the many sounds of the country wildlife while possibly spotting a deer or other wild life. If this sounds like something you need, make your plans to reserve a getaway with us by reserving at or giving us a call at 573-732-5900. Follow us on Facebook as well. We can’t wait to meet you!


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