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Here Comes the Mud

Friday February 26th ‘ 2021

The nine inches of snow is now gone and only a memory. A memory of -4 degrees meeting you as you trudge out to take care of the animals. You gotta love it! Now we will await the drying out process to complete itself.

Drying out means keeping the barnlot and cat kennel layered with straw or dropped hay to prevent them from tromping around ‘knee deep’ in mud. Just cannot be healthy for man nor beast (nor dog and cats).

Mornings and evening also bring out the frolicking playful kittens to greet you. Fuzzball and Stripes are usually the first to come running along with Momma, Madame Kit-ten. Greya, Mr. Greya, our smallest feline in the pack, late but the most affectionate. Last night they all met us as we arrived home from the store ( and as would be expected were ready for a feast.

We make an awesome bone broth that requires chicken and lots of veggies that held their attention for quite some time on the front patio. The feline troupe does partake some of the veggies as well as the chicken. It is fascinating to watch the kittens personalities develop. Fuzzball, is a mini Momma, while the two boys, Stripes and Greya, are, well, like you would expect young boys to be; independent and rowdy.

This Saturday we will start our newest addition to the people team, Ethan. He is officially our farm hand manager in training. We are excited to get going with our spring cleanup of brush, limbs, fencing, and other animal related duties. Welcome Ethan!

We are waiting on contractors to come regarding the barn buildout. We are considering all our options; metal studs, shipping containers modified, and if the lumber ever gets back down to near pre-corona. Alongside the barn is our petting zoo barnyard at approximately 0.6 acres. Should be a fun popular arena for children and adults alike. We cannot wait to post some pictures this summer.

The newly acquired van is proving to be valuable for light hauling and we are getting inquiries on transporting visitors to our area. We will see how that develop.

Enjoy your spring! Getting ready for warmer summer months should always be a time of thankfulness and gratitude!

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