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Myth: “Vacation rentals aren’t as safe as hotels ”

Any industry, profession and business has a myth. These myths are often made from generalizations and assumptions due to an incident or misconceptions that happened once and went viral on Facebook or other social media. The vacation rental industry experiences these myths at a high rate.

Like chain stores, hotel brands can often give more security to guests. Even though an unknown small business can give guests uncertainty, vacation rentals can offer people a strong sense of security by providing a formal contract that specifies their insurance and obligations that protect the owner, the property, and the guests.

Unlike hotels, vacation rentals provide more privacy than a hotel room. In hotels, guests have the option to share hot tubs, pools, eating areas, and laundry facilities. But with vacation rentals, guests have more private space. They don’t have to share the space with strangers. Another advantage is when renting a cabin or home, parents can have a private dedicated, personal space to unwind when they put the kids to bed and watch a movie or just want to spend time together without the worry of disturbing the kids.

Also, to add to the benefits, when renting through Airbnb, guests can feel safer during the Covid pandemic because Airbnb requires that all hosts and guests commit to their enhanced clean program, which includes practicing social distancing and abiding by a five-step enhanced cleaning process.

Will you stay at a hotel or a private rental property on your new getaway? You decide. Chuck and Donna Ray, owners of RGM Farms, LLC, wishes to welcome you and the whole family providing strict cleaning procedures on our property as suggested by the CDC and the Covid protection standards.

Take Away: When staying at RGM Farms, you are more than a visitor, you’re like family.


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