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We’ve Got Kittens

Thursday November 12th ‘2020

With great anticipation, I await getting to the house / RGM Farms. New kittens arrived Monday while we were working the store, CDR Naturals. Upon trekking out Monday night (9:30ish) I discovered our new family members. Kit-ten was not just gaining weight around her middle but was in fact with child (little baby kitties!) How many and what are their sexes? We are soon to find out when I get done here and back home.

Curious to find out what the others in the barnyard think about our new arrived family members. Lilah is sure to let me know. I will try to get some pics to post here. They are housed in a dog house inside the kennel where we keep the boys during the day so they don/t jump out and wander into the neighbors to forage for shrubs and such. I will quiz Donna and Jordan to find out if they noticed any particular actions by the boys towards the new family (of momma Kit-ten and our newest additions).

Ahhhh…. the hobby farmers continued array of new activities and responsibilities. (If we did not like them we would not do them is what I keep telling myself.)

Oh, btw, we were told momma Kit-ten had been spayed. Now we add to the list of jobs.

Weekend jobs list: (Did you say you would like to work for food?)

  1. clean and refill hay feeders

  2. refill the goat minerals – very important for their overall health

  3. clean out the barn manure and refresh with new straw (if the Bourbon Roller Mill has it back in stock)

  4. come up with a house for the cats – heated floor is required


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